What Makes us Different


A friend, and brand expert, once told me that brand is to company what character is to a person. We clicked immediately. Furthermore, I am sure that nothing influences the brand—or character—of a company more than the character of its people. Our brand is our people.

This year we celebrate 16 years of DDIG's journey, a journey in which our brand has evolved and diversified, along with our people. Yet we remain true to our founding core purpose—to value and promote human experience and wellbeing above all else.—Chris Little, founding principal & ceo

Tweet something about yourself which is Unique

—Dave T.

@DaveT—I once went snowboarding down a 1000 foot vertical bowl in the Blue Sky Basin at Vail... then did the same run again. #epic

@KrisB: I am addicted to making things. Sewing, bead work, knitting, painting, cooking, baking… you name it, I'll make it!

@JeffH—My sophomore year of college I won some, but not all, of Ben Stein's Money. Visine commercials and "Ride the Valkyries" make me smile.