Is your company too internally focused? Not enough? Or just right?

By Kelly Coppinger, Process Excellence Lead

"We're too internally focused!  We should be focusing on our customers!" 

Sound familiar??


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How Dev/Test in the Public Cloud is Accelerating Agile Delivery

By Ryan Shriver, DevOps & Cloud and Technology Platforms Lead. 

In his most recent industry white paper Ryan Shriver explores how today's technology leaders are turning to agile delivery and focusing more and more on leveraging cloud computing for improving business agility and productivity. And—they are seeing results—80% of mature cloud adopters report faster time to market.

Read the whitepaper: How devtest in the public cloud is accelerating agile delivery.pdf

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Limited Opportunities Means Everything Matters...but at the Right Scale and at the Right Time

By Amy Venable, Strategy Lead

Recently I was reading an article "The ROI of Everything- Defining a New Philosophy of Marketing Value" in Marketing Insights magazine that discusses the relationship that exists between branding and customer experience:


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Enable your CX Strategy! How Digital Marketing Systems (DMS), enable great CX

by Jeff Hansen, Web and Enterprise Content Management Lead

A well-defined Customer Experience (CX) strategy is essential for gaining competitive advantage. But what I want to write about today is how Digital Marketing Systems (DMS) can help enable your CX strategy.


Refresh your CMS: Four ways to Improve Your Current System

by Jeff Hansen, Web and Enterprise Content Management Lead

We help a lot of clients as they select new web content management systems (WCMS).  During interviews with stakeholders and system users, one refrain that we hear over and over again is how much they dislike their current system.  Digging a little deeper ("five whys" style), the root cause tends to be less about the "bones" of the system itself and more about broken business processes, misconfiguration, and obsolescence. 


On the Mobile Couch with Casey Liss!

Casey Liss, a Senior Consultant with Dominion Digital, was recently a guest on the popular Mobile Couch podcast. Casey joins the couch to talk about Visual Studio vs. Xcode, writing and wrapping APIs, and the cross contamination of coding languages. Additional commentary offers Casey's account of being recognized by strangers, what the schedule is like doing a podcast while working his day job, and the difference between travelling to WWDC from Australia and from the East Coast of the US.

Plug your earphones in and click here:

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Running Associate Readiness in Tandem with Customer Experience Readiness

by Susan Dawson, OD & Change Management Lead

Customer Experience (CX) strategies are popping up in every industry. It makes perfect sense, organizations want to improve business results, increase customer retention, acquire new customers, and ultimately improve their bottom line.


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Customer Experience: it’s our Business; it’s our Passion.

At Dominion Digital, we help our customers delight their customers. This is not just a side effect of what we do; this is the focus of every project and the guidepost for every decision we make. Customer Experience: It's our business. It's our expertise. It's our passion. Our conversations and collaborations, our strategies and tactics, our execution and metrics, they all center on enhancing Customer Experience. This in turn leads to achieving better business results.

So what is Customer Experience? While the professional discipline Customer Experience Management might not be familiar to you, its focus—customer experience—is as familiar to you as motherhood and apple pie. 


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Kano Over Coffee: Creating a Delightful Customer Experience

Understanding customer needs can seem overwhelming in a world of increasing customization and there’s-an-app-for-that mentality. When customers raise the bar on expectations, rigorous prioritization of customer needs is more important than ever. More...

Deploying to the Cloud: Lessons when Clouds Burst

Organizations are increasingly deploying in the cloud; moving applications from datacenters to the cloud or creating new applications for the cloud. Today, clouds convey an image of high availability, reliability and scalability unsurpassed in computing history. With sophisticated technology and advanced practices, vendors portray their SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions built “in the cloud” as almost impermeable to disasters and other acts of God.

Dominion Digital's Ryan Shriver, an industry analyst for the Virtualization Practice, brings insight to the recent Amazon outage and the lessons organizations deploying the cloud can learn from it: